6 Tips To Make Sure You Are Ready For The Holidays

Christy | 2:34 PM |

Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you! Welcome the season with joy and get ready for the festivities before your days become too hectic. Here are six ways to prepare for the holidays now so you can relax more later.

1. Set a budget

Presents, decorations and ingredients can add up pretty quickly when the celebrations begin. If you don’t set a budget beforehand, you might find yourself staring at an outrageous credit card bill at the beginning of the year. Decide how much your family will spend before you buy everything that catches your eye.

2. Start shopping early

No one wants to spend the holidays rushing around to find a gift. You’re going to enjoy giving to your friends and family more when you give yourself enough time to find the perfect gift. Instead of procrastinating your shopping trip, set aside a few days to purchase your presents weeks before your gift exchange takes place.

3. Try out your recipes

Cooking elaborate recipes for the ones you love can be stressful. Add in the hustle and bustle and you might go crazy in the kitchen hours before dinner even begins! Before you make a special dish for a roomful of people, test it out for your friends a few weeks beforehand.

4. Make holiday plans

It seems that families travel near and far to see friends and relatives during the holiday week. Figure out where you can realistically travel in such a short period of time. You’ll enjoy the holidays more when you don’t feel so rushed.

5. Begin to clean your home

Somehow it always takes longer to clean your house than you imagined. Instead of waiting to the last minute, start a few days before everyone arrives. If you find pieces of furniture and extra treasures that you would like to place in storage, visit http://www.extraspace.com/Storage/Facilities/US/Texas/Houston/900326/Facility.aspx and store your items safely.

6. Send out holiday cards

Decide when you should send out your season’s greetings! When the holiday to-do list grows long, it’s easy to let this tradition get lost in the urgent errands. Carve out an afternoon or two in your schedule to address your cards and write thoughtful messages.

Once you have these tasks taken care of, you'll be ready to enjoy the sounds, sights and smells of the season. Take the time to deal with a few errands beforehand so you can enjoy this special time of the year.

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