Christmas On A Budget: 5 Easy-On-Your-Wallet Gift Ideas

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Christmas On A Budget Ideas
It's sometimes difficult to come up with unique gift ideas on a budget. You want to enjoy the holidays and show those you love just how much you care for them, so we have come up with a few ideas to express your love and still be easy on your wallet. The following five gift options will provide something for nearly everyone on your list without emptying your wallet.

1. Nuts, Fruit, and Chocolate

This is a great combination that is relatively healthy and nearly everyone enjoys. For those allergic to nuts, a basket with oranges and chocolate make a great gift. Chocolate comes in all price ranges and there's even sugar free for diabetics. If you happen to be a great baker, you can save even more money by making the sweet items yourself. Christmas seems to be the season of treats, and taking the time to personally make baked goods for others really says something. And who doesn't enjoy and good cookie or two.

2. Gardening Supplies

Gardening gloves, small hand tools, and seeds are things anyone who puts together even the smallest garden in the spring will appreciate. Gardening buffs can always use small, ornate pots and plant holders that can be put on the window sill or the back porch. A pretty watering can is both useful and decorative.

Giving tulip bulbs is always a fun idea. You plant them in the winter, so it is the perfect time to get them out to people and then they pop up in the spring without much work or worry.

3. Sporting Items

While we usually think of large, expensive items such as golf clubs and gym memberships for athletes, there are many less costly things that these individuals often use. Golf tees, tennis balls, even stylish sweatbands for runners are gifts people who are actively involved in sports can always use. Decorative or monogrammed water bottles are something every athlete will use. Try and think of the small items that you run through quickly, all athletes need back ups, and if you go the extra mile and make it personalized, it can really mean something to them.

4. Pet Items

Most people have a pet of some sort. Fun chew toys, dog leashes, and even cute collars make great gifts for those on your list who own a pet. Water and food bowls are another option for pets that usually aren't too pricey. Even a gift card at a pet store makes a nice gift for those who may have more exotic pets.

5. Make a Gift

This can include knitting or crocheting an afghan, putting together a recipe book, or making a scrapbook with old family photos. Make a "gift certificate" to offer to babysit for those who have children or to cook dinner for older relatives. These ideas offer a personal touch, especially for those on your list who are difficult to buy for.

Finding great gifts that are inexpensive is a matter of finding out the hobbies and interests of those you're buying for. Many people enjoy gardening, own pets, or simply have a sweet tooth. Matching gifts to the individual is the secret to giving gifts on a budget.

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