Creative Ways to Reuse Old Clothes

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Why throw your old clothes in the garbage, when there are billions of interesting stuff you can do with them? As a matter of fact using old clothes for new purposes is both fun and empowering. Use your creativity in order to make fantastic new and fascinating uses for your old threads, and all it takes is a little imagination and a whole lot of clothes. In this article we are going to talk about some of the things you can do with your own clothes, in terms of optimizing them and making them usable once more.

Try Different Styles

There isn’t a trend that lasts forever. And as soon as the next best thing is over, fashion moves on to some other thing. You can never outrun fashion, unless you create some yourlef. One thing that really brings out the artists in us is matching old clothes together to make new outfits. It doesn’t have to be anything special or expensive looking; just change some things, experiment. The more you love fashion the easier it is to make fashion. For example you can add some patches and new buttons to make the clothes look more exciting. Ripping your old jeans is going to scream “attitude”.

Make Yourself a New Blanket

If you have decided to give your whole visage a fresh twist and are ready to dispose of your old clothes, then why  instead of throwing them away, you don’t use them to make a pair of bed-covers and sheets. First you need to gather all the clothes you think will make a nice throw blanket. Sew them together using different elements to make interesting patterns. The types of clothes you use will determine how warm will your new blanket keep you in the winter.

Use Clothes as Rags

There is nothing wrong with giving your old clothes a second chance, not as garments, but as tools for cleaning. Using old clothes as cleaning rags is one of the oldest uses old clothes have. Clothes that have been damaged, or just no longer make you happy, can be easily made into rags, which then you can use for cleaning, or soaking, or blotting.

Make Accessories

The easiest thing you can do with your old clothes is to turn them into various accessories. Perhaps the easier thing to make would be a bandanna. Just make sure to measure the fabrics correctly and don’t shy from new and interesting ideas.

Change the Curtains

Of course, making new window curtain out of old clothes is just as easty as the others. The good thing about making curtains is that your clothes probably have an interesting patters which the talented artist can put together to make extraordinary curtains.

Make a Denim Tarp   

You never know when you will need to cover something fast, and not having a quality tarp ready can leave you at a disadvantage. If you have old jeans, or jean shorts, you can go ahead and cut those up into squares. Piece them together, add a little stripe and there you go; a brand new tarp for your brand new car, or boat.

Make Halloween Costumes

Various articles of clothing can be made to resemble famous Halloween getups; such as the Frankenstein monster, as well as Count Dracula, Scooby Doo and everyone else you deem will scare your friends and neighbors. Why don you make a pirate costume for our son and a fairy costume for your daughter? 

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