Five Surprising Ways To Save Money On Your Homes Expenses

Frugalful | 12:41 AM |

It can be easy to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars a month on basic home expenses to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Although the temperature may be comfortable inside and your trash is picked up every week, the high costs can still cut into your income and make it difficult to afford other necessities. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money without changing your overall lifestyle.

1. Recycle

Recycling can easily reduce the cost of waste management services by having less to throw away. It will also make it easy to earn extra money at a local recycling center, which can be put towards the trash service you currently pay for.

2. Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are essential to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment, but can become a larger expense than necessary. Instead of buying brand-name cleaning products, make your own by using baking soda, water, and vinegar mixtures that will work just as effectively on the floors, countertops, and toilets.

3. Switch Showerheads and Water the Lawn at Night

The typical shower that lasts 10 minutes uses approximately 42 gallons of water, making it important to make a few changes to save on your water bill. Switch the showerhead to a low-flow showered and try reducing the shower time to five to seven minutes by using a timer.

Watering the lawn at night will also reduce the amount of water used because it minimizes the amount of evaporation that occurs on the yard.

4. Install a Home Monitoring System

One of the latest products for the home to become available for consumers is a home security monitoring program that makes it easy to secure your property, while also manage your home's settings. It can be easy to shut off the lights, lock the doors, and even control the temperature with Vivint home automation, which will essentially save hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.

5. Weatherize Your Property

To keep the interior of your home comfortable without using so much energy with the AC or heater, it's essential to weatherize the property by adding extra insulation, window stripping, and installing storm windows. It's a short-term investment that will prove long-term savings.

By making a few basic changes around the home, it can be easy to save in a number of practical ways without making too many sacrifices. The savings will be well worth the changes for a great way to continue enjoying lower bills and overall home costs.

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