Saving Money: 5 Tips To Making Your Home Look Better

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Saving Money: Five Tips To Making Your Home Look Better Without Spending A Lot Of Money

Saving Money: Five Tips To Making Your Home Look Better Without Spending A Lot Of Money
Whether you are trying to sell your house, or you want your home to feel more organized and updated, there are many things you can to make it look more better. Updating your home doesn't have to be an expensive project. Here are five ideas to give your home a fresh look without spending too much money:

Start Cleaning

While this might seem simple and obvious, doing some extensive cleaning can make a big difference. Go beyond just the basics: wash painted walls and washable wallpaper, rent a carpet cleaner, and polish bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Even very modest and heavily lived-in homes jump up a few points in desirability when they've been given a showroom-ready cleaning. Don't forget to dust and clean your blinds. Blinds can collect dust quickly, and it's something that many people skip in their cleaning routine.

Rent a Storage Unit to Get Rid of Clutter

One of the most significant things you can do to make any home look better is to clear out all the old, unnecessary "stuff” that always ends up collecting in closets, under beds, on tables, and just about everywhere else. Everyone has items, such as clothes, papers and files, and old kid's stuff, that they don't use anymore but also aren't ready to permanently dispose of. Extra storage space is the perfect solution to this problem. For a low monthly payment, you can put all your important but infrequently needed possessions in a safe, clean, and secure place. Plus, when you want them back, it's as simple as taking a drive to the storage location. Many people are truly surprised by how much nicer and roomier their home looks after storing away all the clutter. Rooms seem more spacious, hallways bigger, and shelves and closets much more usable.

Take Care Of Minor Touch-Ups

While large projects like redoing the kitchen or bathroom can be exceedingly pricey, there are lots of smaller fixes and repairs that cost very little, but can still make the home appear much more presentable. Things like painting over scuff marks on door frames and polishing worn furniture are good ways to start.

Reuse Old Items

There are lots of ways to re-use things you already have once you start thinking creatively. A patterned sheet can make excellent curtains, napkins, or place mats. You unused canning jars make for unique center pieces on the table or items on the windowsill. Just a few flowers, or consider filling them with river rocks, fruit or candy for a fresh look.

Work On Landscaping

The exterior of a house sets the tone for the inside. If people get a good impression of a property before they step through the door, they're much more likely to see the interior in a positive light. Landscaping work, such as trimming the bushes, mowing the grass, and planting flowers, costs very little and can be a fun weekend project.

By starting out with these ideas, your house will start feeling like an updated home you love without the extra costs.

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