5 Cute Ways to Fight the Cold Weather This Year

Christy | 10:59 PM |

Cold weather is hard on everybody, and it probably makes you feel like covering your entire body in blankets. While you may not be as worried about fashion as you are about keeping warm, there are five cute ways to fight cold weather this year. You can be warm and stylish!

Scarf Set

You can use scarves as more than just accessories. Pair a scarf in a stylish print with a pair of coordinating gloves to jazz up your outfit and keep you warm. You can tie the scarf around your neck after you button up your coat to keep your neck warm. Once you get to work or school, loosen the knot in the scarf to hang down over your top for a modern look. You can even add a pin to the center of the knot for extra embellishment.

Knee Length Winter Coat

One must have item on every woman's winter shopping list should be a cute knee length coat. A longer coat will keep you warm in the cold, but is also adds style to your wardrobe. Look for a knee length winter coat with a sexy shape that accentuates your waist. You can even buy one with a belt that tightens around you to highlight your curves.

Layer with Sweaters

Sweaters are not just for your grandmother. The trick to looking cute in womens sweaters is simple. Wear them in layers. Pull a cute sweater over a collared shirt for a professional look. Wear a cardigan over a dress for feminine style. Create added layers on top of the sweater with a blazer or even with lots of jewelry.

Knee Length Boots

Another cute way to fight the cold weather is by wearing knee length boots. Try wearing flat boots with trousers or jeans. Wear boots with heels with skirts and dresses. Your feet and legs will stay warm, and you'll look trendy, too.

Stylish Hats

Don't be afraid to wear a stylish hat. The trick is to try on several different styles until you find one that accentuates the shape of your head. Stick to wearing hats in basic colors, so you look fashionable and not silly. Make sure the hat coordinates with your coat and with your outfit, so you can wear it inside and outside in cold weather.

Staying warm doesn't mean you can't look cure this winter. You just have to follow these tips to beat the cold and look good doing it.

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