Combining Comfort with Style: Five Decorating Tips Every House Needs

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Now and then, a homeowner might come home from work or shopping, take a look around and decide that things look a little too familiar or a little too insipid. But there’s not that much money to do a major renovation. What can a homeowner add to the rooms to liven them up a bit? Here are five decorating tips every house needs:

Add Layers

Layers make furniture that much more cozy. Toss an afghan over the arm of a sofa or put an area rug or two over a wall to wall carpet. Make sure to mix textures and materials.

Use a Limited Color Palette

Walking into a room where just about every element is a different color can be a bit disorienting and not at all relaxing. Pick a color like blue or green and stick to hues or shades of it with a few discreet pops of a different color like red or orange. Flowers and throw pillows are ideal because they’re easy to change. A limited color palette is especially useful in a room where the homeowner spends lots of time.

Overstuffed Furniture

It’s good to have furniture that’s fat and comfy. Overstuffed sofas and chairs like those found at Shreveport furniture can be the difference between a room that one wants to flee and a room a person wants to linger in. Before the furniture’s bought, it’s a good idea to test it first. Plop down in it and see how nicely it lets the body sink into it. Also, go for sofas with rolled arms that are just the right height and are good for supporting the arms or cradling the head.

Window Dressing

Though some people love the naked window look, others must have dressed windows to give their rooms maximum coziness. Window dressings can be anything from heavy, velvet drapes that pool over the floor and have elegant shirred curtains beneath them, or Roman shades and diaphanous curtains that let the sun shine in.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps look lonely when they’re standing there by themselves, so gather some chairs around them or place sofas in front of them. The only exception for the lonely floor lamp is a torchiere. This is an upright and can stand on its own.

These are only five decorating tips to make any house feel both enlivening and peaceful and calm. The best thing is they don't cost much money at all and will completely transform the feeling of your home.

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