Five Unique Ways to Recycle Your Old or Unwanted Jewelry

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Jewelry, like clothing, can have an expiration date. Whether we get bored with it, it goes out style, or breaks, a change of jewelry is often needed for our wardrobe. However, unlike clothes, we often don't donate it or toss it out, and it ends up taking space in our jewelry box or drawers. It's often difficult to decide what to do with those pieces, but it doesn't have to be. Below are five unique ways to recycle your old and unwanted jewelry.

Redesign Your Jewelry

Sometimes jewelry is just plain ugly or too worn out. If you have gemstones or diamonds in these pieces, remove them from the metal and design something new. Many jewelers can help you design something fun and new with the stones you already own. It's a great way to create something personal and contemporary.

Swap for New Swag

If a friend is also bored of her jewelry, try swapping for a while. Maybe you have a necklace that she's always loved and she has a ring that you'd like to try. Trading is a fun and free way to recycle your jewelry. If you have second thoughts, you can always borrow it back.

Sell it for Cash

Even gold and silver jewelry can go out of style. Chains wear out, rings break and prongs break off. If you don't love the jewelry, it's not worth fixing. A great solution is to sell it for cash. Turn a lump of unwanted jewelry into funds for whatever you might need. You'll be surprised how much you can make. Click here to learn more about selling your jewelry for cash.

Convert the Costume Jewelry

Old costume jewelry isn't worth money, but that's no reason not to do something great with it. Costume pieces tend to be bold and sparkly, which can be perfect for adding a splash of color to your room or home. Try gathering it up and arranging it into a bouquet. Using a Styrofoam ball as a base, glue key parts together and pop it into a vase. You could use these jewelry pieces for a new home pieces or for party decorations.

Make it a Gift

Some expensive jewelry that you have outgrown might not be worth selling or taking apart to make something new. Consider giving your nice jewelry pieces to close friends or family members as gifts. Just because you don't wear it anymore doesn't mean someone else wouldn't appreciate it. This is a great way to give a meaningful gift without spending a lot of money.

Make your old jewelry work for you an don't let it sulk in the back of your jewelry box forever. With these tips, you can find something different to do with your unwanted jewelry.

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