Gift Giving On A Budget: 7 Hit Gift Ideas Your Wallet Will Thank You For

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If money is tight and you are in search of the right present for a friend or family member, look no further than this guide. The following gift ideas are sure to delight your wallet while pleasing the ones you love.


Perfect for a friend with a rabid sweet tooth, chocolate is a traditional and versatile gift that is often quite affordable. Gourmet chocolates are available in a variety of delicious flavors to suit any palate. Chocolates with elegant packaging would make a visually pleasing gift for your favorite sweetheart.

Cookie Basket

Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies can warm the heart as much as the stomach. Consider giving a batch of homemade soft and chewy cookies to your friends and family. You can save money by baking them yourself instead of buying them at your local bakery. If you take that route, they would love that you went with homemade, who doesn't like a homemade cookie? Then you just need to wrap them nicely and it is a great touch.

Netflix Subscription

For movie lovers, a subscription to an instant streaming service is a great present. If your gift recipient already has a Netflix account, you don’t have to worry. Your thoughtful gift can be added onto their existing membership plan. This is a great no thinking gift. You never know who already has a membership to these subscriptions, but with the ability to just add on to what you have, anyone can appreciate this one.

Restaurant Gift Card

For a food lover, give the gift of a restaurant gift card. Choose an affordable yet classy restaurant with plenty of rave reviews. You can send them somewhere they know and love to enjoy their favorite meal. Alternatively, send them to a new restaurant to sample an entirely different cuisine.

Hobby Supplies

If your friend is into arts and crafts, you can buy them a new tool for their beloved trade. For knitters, gift a pair of brand new knitting needles or a few skeins of luxurious yarn. For an artist, a quality paintbrush, calligraphy pen or sturdy easel can do the trick.

Magazine Subscription

A great present for any bookworm, a magazine subscription is a reliable gift that keeps on giving. If you choose a 1-year subscription, your favorite friend or family member will have plenty of reading material at their disposal.

Grooming Kit or Basket

For the well-groomed man in your life, a grooming kit or gift basket is a useful treat. You can include high-quality razors, aftershave, cologne, deodorant and shave gel. When choosing a scent, pick something woodsy and fresh that will make your gift smell irresistible.

When shopping for the perfect gift, remember that you do not have to sacrifice quality for affordability. With the above gift ideas, you can stay within a reasonable budget while delighting your wallet, your friends and your loved ones. Just make sure that you are investing in an idea that makes sense for the loved one receiving the gift. If there was thought put into it, anyone will be sure to love it!
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