DIY Mother’s Day Cards and Decor

By Jane Blanchard

Every mother enjoys getting something special for Mother’s Day, and the best gifts are always handmade. You won’t have to the break the bank with the following do-it-yourself projects. Use your imagination to make her a project that she will keep for years!

DIY Cards

Create a custom-made Mother’s Day card in no time. Fold a thick piece of colored paper in half to start making your card. Consider adding a ribbon to your card to make it stand out. Tie a bow on the ribbon to make it even fancier. In the following photo, someone used scrapbook pieces and glued them to their card. Copy them by adding as many pieces as you’d like here. Add a message to the bottom corner to complete the front of this card. Your imagination doesn’t have to stop here. If you have some photos laying around, add them to the front of the card as well. This card has a Mother’s Day feel to it, and it doesn’t require much effort to make.

DIY Mother’s Day Cards and Decor

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DIY Decorations

If you’re getting flowers for your mom, consider making a custom vase to put them in. A mason jar is perfect to use for this project. To personalize your jar, start by grabbing painter’s tape or vinyl to cover a section on the front of it. This will create a silhouette that you can replace with a photograph later on. Using any color you’d like, start painting the outside of the jar with interior paint. Immediately remove the silhouette template when you’re done painting. Finish this project by adding a self-portrait to the inside of your jar where your template was. Adhere the photograph to your jar by using some of the painter’s tape. If your mason jar has lettering on it, try scraping off some of the paint to make the letters stand out.

DIY Mother’s Day Cards and Decor1
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Place your projects in a spot that she will instantly discover them. Place your decorations in her favorite room when you’re all done. Put a smile on her face by putting your card in the mailbox when the mail comes.

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