Cute Baby Boy Nursery Ideas and Inspiration

I love, love, love cute nurseries. When I found out I was having a boy, I couldn’t wait to start decorating his nursery. We went with a Mickey Mouse/Disney theme, since as many of you know, we are Disney fanatics! My husband got to pick out the blue color (FYI: Olympic A52-5 Magical Merlin) and I ended up loving it. Here is his nursery:

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas | Mickey nursery - image by Crystal Redwine at Fluttering Photography
Since then, we have moved to a new house and he has upgraded to a toddler bed. It was such a bittersweet moment when we took down his crib, I wanted to cry. That moment the realization hit that my baby boy is growing up! As cliché as it sounds, we should take in every moment, it goes FAST! I miss his cute, little babyish stuff. I guess I’m just in a nostalgic mood but lately I’ve been revisiting some of my favorite looks for nurseries and wanted to share with all you soon-to-be Mamas.

Here is some more Boy Nursery Ideas and Inspirations:

Aqua/Brown/Orange Boy's Nursery Design 1


Jack's Room - Superhero Nursery

lucia's room3

What theme is your nursery or soon-to-be nursery? Share in a comment below!

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