4 Unique Uses For All Those Extra Buttons

If you are like me, you have a ridiculous stockpile of unused buttons. Oh, what to do with all of them? Here are 4 artsy DIY ideas for all those extra buttons. Plus, you have to admit, buttons are pretty stinkin’ cute.

1. Button Flower Cupcake Toppers

Button Art Cupcakes
Photo By Kim Piper Werker on Flickr

Aren’t these adorable? Glue buttons on to cut-out felt to make flower cupcake toppers! Make sure to watch little kiddos with these so they don’t try eat the toppers!

2. Button Wreath

Button Christmas wreath
Photo By The Shopping Sherpa on Flickr

Here’s a super easy DIY holiday button craft. Just cut out a wreath shape on cardboard and glue on buttons. Plus, you can get creative and do these for any holiday with different colors and styles of buttons.

3. Button Flower Arrangement

Button blooms
Photo By Selena N. B. H. on Flickr

This is just too cool. If you have a TON of extra buttons, you can make a flower bloom! Use wire from an arts and crafts store and thread and twist through the button holes to create flower designs.

4. Button Coin Purse

Debbie Arruda
Photo By moon angel on Flickr

Sew extra buttons on a cloth coin purse for a chic and unqiue one of a kind design.

Have a button craft? Share in a comment!

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