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Frugalful.com is a collection of frugal-living articles and resources for women trying to save money- while still being able to enjoy the luxuries of life.

  • About Christy
Hello! My name is Christy and I am the creator and webmaster of Frugalful.com. What can I say? I love my life. I have an amazing husband, baby boy and family. I have a BA in Film  Studies, a minor in Information Technology and an extensive background working with computers. Also,  I am a complete design nerd.

I hope you enjoy the site and look forward to growing with you!

  • The Writers

Belle  | Writer and Facebook Admin
 Belle is one frugal gal. She loves saving money and is an internet enthusiast.

Maggie  | Featured Guest Writer
When she’s not hunting for bargain fashions, Maggie spends her days writing for the Eye Health Guide, giving information about finding the best reading glasses. Off the clock, she enjoys finding the best fashion deals, experimenting with new recipes, and traveling. 

 Marina  | Featured Guest Writer
Marina is Freelance writer and runs a nesting doll for kids store located at MatryoshkaNestingDolls.com

Mary | Featured Guest Writer
Mary is a freelance guest writer for quite some years now.Gardening has always been my hobby and the colors of Autumn make it all the more interesting to write about. My other interests include Art, Home Design, Professional Resumes Careers and HR. Please visit the resumes blog for more information.
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Nicole | Featured Guest Writer
Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the design, fitness, and eco friendly industries for three years. Last year Nicole decided in order to save money and be prepared to this fall she bought all her fall decorations at an after christmas sale. This year Nicole also made sure to find more modern decorations to go with her the decorations her bought last year. Nicole made it a priority to check her local daily deals section in the newspaper to find everything she wanted. 
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