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Currently Not Accepting Guest Posts! Check Back Soon!
Thank you for your interest in guest posting here at Frugalful! 
I always have writers requesting to post here and wanting more information so here is a collective list of requirements.

First off, what is Frugalful? 

It's simple. Frugalful is a collection of frugal-living articles and resources for women trying to save money- while still being able to enjoy the luxuries of life. By opening the site up to guest posts, Frugalful has a diverse source of tips and tricks to live frugally from authors around the world. If you would like to guest post here, I would like for you to keep it in this realm.

To submit a guest post and be accepted, please read the following requirements.

Your post must consist of one of the following topics:
  •    Beauty on a Budget
  •    Before and After Projects
  •    Budgeting
  •    DIY Projects
  •    Fashion
  •    Frugal Mommy
  •    Entrepreneurship
  •    Money Saving Tips

Post Requirements:

All these requirements must be met to have your post accepted.
  1. Your article must be original and written exclusively for
  2.  It must be at least 500 words.
  3.  It must contain an image (with credits) or I may add a relative photo.
  4. I would prefer that you check the comments section and reply to any comments left by readers.
  5. Please promote your post to your followers. Facebook, Tweet, etc.
  6. Make sure to check your grammar and spelling.
How to submit your guest post:
You can contact me and send your guest post pitch and any questions you may have.  I will get back to you with a publish date and any changes.


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