A Simple Money Saving Tip That Will Add Up

Money Saving Tip: Opt For Water Over SodaI love diet soda. My wallet… not so much. One of the easiest money saving tips that I have personally found is skipping my beloved soda when I go out to eat at restaurants and opting for a glass of water instead.

According to the National Restaurant Association, the average American goes out to eat five times a week. Five times?! Seems like a bit much, but think about it this way: you grab breakfast on the way to work and order a soda. You didn’t have time to pack a lunch, so you order one when you go out to grab food. It all adds up. Therefore, if you eat out five times a week each month for a year and spend $1.50 each time on a soda you are spending $360… in soda alone. Now, lets go to the extreme and  imagine that each time a family of four eats out five times a week and each time each one gets a soda for $1.50 a pop for an entire year.  $1440 – Oh my!

Here’s a little experiment for your family to try: Each time you choose water over a soda at a restaurant, check the price and put that money to the side in an envelope. With this method, you can see how much money you actually save. You can now use your saved money for something that you really need or you can do what I do and put it as extra payments towards credit cards.

Not only do you save money while dropping soda, drinking water has countless benefits. Remember, it’s ok to splurge every once in a while, so reserve  ordering your yummy soda on special occasions. Your wallet and health will thank you!

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