Frugal Diet Tips

Have you made some New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or to eat a healthier diet? You don’t have to sign up for expensive weight-loss programs or buy gourmet pre-packaged meals to stick to a new diet or to adopt healthy changes. Losing weight can actually be quite inexpensive if you purchase healthy foods and […]

Frugal Driving Tips

Most of us have enough going on in our lives to cause stress without having to search for a way to find extra dollars to cover escalating fuel costs. When your budget has already been stretched to breaking point and the dollars cannot be squeezed any tighter, it might be best to look at ways […]

Halloween Costume Savings

Halloween is one of the most important times of the year for those who enjoy celebrating. Getting a great costume is the most important step in having a fun time during the Halloween season. Because of the current economy, many people find it impossible to find the money to buy a great costume. However, if […]

Frugal Decorating Ideas

In times of economic hardship it is difficult to spend money making sure that your home is pleasant and up to date with decorative trends. For many of us, splashing out on a new lamp of artwork simply isn’t an option, but there is no reason that the look of your house should suffer. If […]

9 Tips for cooking in Frugal Way

The present day economy is nobody’s friend. If you’ve got money, it’s best to put it aside for rainier days that are sure to come. People are looking to save money in every aspect of life, and food is no less of a target area when it comes to sparing expense. Coming up with inexpensive […]

Earth Easy: Living Well On Less

Frugality is often a thrust upon people by changing times and altered circumstances. For others, it may be a conscious step towards reducing consumption patterns and doing their bit to make the planet earth a happier place by lightening the burden of ecological damage it has to carry. There is yet another set of people […]

Save Money and Save Tummy!

Today, finding ways to save costs is a must. Sometimes we do a lot of cost cutting on some non-essential things, but for weight loss concerns, it might be a different story. We can’t just give up on our figure solely because of cost. It is better to sacrifice one’s diet and some other luxury, […]