Pain at the Pump: 5 Ways to Save Money by Improving Your Gas Mileage

As gas prices continue to rise and rise, making sure you’re getting good gas mileage has almost never been so important. Everyone hates filling up their car and thinking, “I could have bought something with that money.” While gas mileage is something that is hugely dependent on what kind of car you have, people have […]

Left Brain, Right Brain

Left Brain, Right Brain: 4 Kids Projects that are Both Artistic and Educational Guest Post | Technology has undeniably made our lives more convenient, but it has also become a distraction for children and adults alike. If you are looking for a fun way to reconnect with your children while fostering their left brain creativity […]

Styling Made Easy: 5 Techniques To Looking Your Best This Season

Guest Post: There are a number of ways to enhance your appearance through products and treatments that will complement your features and even make you look younger. This season, there are a number of techniques to take advantage of that will leave you feeling confident and more attractive while staying true to your natural looks. […]

Building Your Home Office: Five Things to Make Sure You Have

Today, many people are discovering the benefits of working out of a home office. In addition to eliminating that morning commute, a home office can also be a more cost-effective option for small businesses and start ups. Whether you are starting a business or working out of your home a few days a week, here […]

Hairstyles To Look Cool And Stylish

Summer often makes us regret for having long hair. During the winter we usually find it a bit difficult to maintain it strong and healthy, but at least it doesn’t drive us nuts, right? As soon as the winter knocks on our door, we try to find the best haircut. And for some reason, we […]

Give your House Some Personality: 5 New Interior Decorating Ideas

Anyone can decorate their home to look like a picture from a magazine, but giving your home personality is essential. Adding color, decorating with things that you love and using mementos from your vacations will bring out your personality in your decor. You can even make a painting or other art to decorate your living […]

Need Car Repairs? 4 Ways to Save Money on Replacements and Repairs

Keeping a vehicle in the best running condition reduces the likelihood of costly repairs or permanent damage. But when maintaining vehicles and replacing parts, there are affordable ways to keep repair costs low. Doing basic maintenance and repairs keeps costs as low as possible. The affordable way is to buy a vehicle repair manual, such […]