Little Hands in the Strawberry Fields

Springtime and strawberry picking. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Ace of Base and Wilson Phillips on the radio, windows down; the fresh breeze of spring air blowing through our hair as we leave yard sales to head to the strawberry fields on a sunny, Saturday morning. Sweet, sweet memories with my parents. […]

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Here’s a Quick Way to Do Spring Cleaning on a Budget

Spring cleaning is as much a ritual as a necessity. Throwing open the windows to welcome the fresh spring air energizes people, who feel like they’re preparing for a fresh start and sweeping winter out of the house. Ever-vigilant for profitable opportunities, manufacturers of cleaning supplies capitalize on the spring-cleaning frenzy by offering a multitude […]

5 Lessons I’ve Learned From Kids

Observations of young children can provide wonderful life lessons. These little ones are so innocent and transparent, and you can derive so much from their actions and interactions. During my own time spent with youngsters, I have learned to: Be in the Moment Young children do not know how to tell time. They take things […]

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It is the fact that a person earns only to fulfil the needs of his life. People who are sensible spend their money wisely. Wisely money of expenditures makes their lives easy. Persons who are in their study period also have to use the money. Students have to fulfil requirements which are necessary for their […]

Cute Laundry Room

Laundry Room Design Inspiration

Since doing Laundry is inevitable… you might as well do it in style! There are many ways to incorporate a chic design and function to make this space just as loved as the rest of your happy home. Here’s some inspiration to get your design juices flowing to create an awesome laundry room: photos by […]

Our top 8 fave FREE and CHEAP things to do with Kids

Since I currently work full time, I am always looking for new fun things for Olivia and I to do on the weekends. Though going to get Bagels and Starbucks are among our top two faves, they get old quickly; so, I thought I would make a list of some of our favorite inexpensive and free things that Olivia and I like to do together.

1. Make breakfast together. Pancakes are not only pretty simple to make, they are easy for a three-year-old to help make. Liv loves nothing more than to stir up the batter. I know, it can get messy, but it is worth it. When she feels helpful, it makes us both happy. Then we sit on the couch in our jammies and yell at the dogs together for trying to eat our food.

IMG_3613-e1439222298585Eating breakfast together. parenting fun

2. Go to a new park. HYPE IT UP! When I ask if Olivia wants to go to the park, I never know what she is going to say; but if I ask her if she wants to try a BRAND NEW AMAZING SUPER AWESOME park, she is IN! Google parks in a 30 mile radius from your house. If you see graffiti, gang signs, and broken glass you may want to try another one… but thats the fun in the adventure right?

IMG_1600-e1439220178674Fun at the Park

3. Festivals. Greek, music, dog, school, asparagus (yep.. that’s a real one in Stockton, CA lol) Look them up and go!! You may have to argue with your child a bit about why $5 a ticket for the bounce house is not happening… but you can probably distract her with a sweet swag bag complimentary of the local Bank Branch booth.

IMG_3166-e1439220629283Fun and Free Festivals

4. FORTS. I cannot stress how amazing forts are. From ages 2-34 (my husband as proof), forts can be lots of fun. You have to be willing to just say goodbye to any chance of having decent couch cushions ever again; but honestly, if you have a three-year-old, you’ve already had the sofa funeral.

IMG_3612-e1439222310907Fort Fun. Making a Mess

5. Anything wet. If you have the space for it, a tiny pool or water table. If you live in an apartment like us, find the nearest spray ground/beach/lake/pool. This one is a given. Olivia almost always says she doesn’t want to go; then she always has a blast. Here is the trick: you need to get wet too. I don’t know why I am sharing this or why it is such a stand out memory to me: but as a child, my mom never wanted to swim with us. We swam at my grandparents’ pool all the time and she  NEVER got into a bathing suit to swim with us. Dad? always down… but mom was never a fan of water/swimming. I STILL remember like yesterday when one of the other adults pushed her into the pool one time with all of us with all her clothes on. I know she was mad at first but she ended up laughing. I thought it was the MOST FUN swim day we ever had as kids. It is such a simple thing, but your kid does NOT care what you look like in a bathing suit. She just wants you to be part of the fun. So be a part of it. She will remember. I still do.

IMG_3195-e1439220647695Free and Fun Things to do, Water Fountain

6. Picnics. Eating a PBJ in your house=lame. Eating a PBJ on a blanket or picnic table anywhere else=awesome. For some reason, doing things like eating sandwiches at novel locations always seems to be a good time.

IMG_3075-e1439221486313Fun, Free Picnic.

7. Crafting. We live in FL so we are not short of Coconuts to paint. If you live somewhere where pinecones or large rocks inhabit, paint those. If big leaves are all you have to work with, use those. Its innate in children to pick up/collect/borderline hoard things they find in nature every day. If I had a rock for every time Olivia collected a stick…. oh yah, I do… and there are a lot. If you don’t want to buy paint, use what you have. Glue and ripped paper is a great time 🙂


8. READ. People are amazed at Olivia’s vocabulary everywhere we go. I can honestly say that her intelligence is highly attributed to the amount of books we read together. We have read to her at night time since she was a tiny baby. She barely sat still for the longest time. At some point, however, she began to go from “fidgety toddler who barely made it through one story” to “mommy you skipped a page” (I swear I didn’t mean to… ok I did… but now she catches me so I had to stop). If you don’t always remember to read to your child, it’s ok! If you don’t have the time to do it at night, make it. I promise you, the bonding that comes from routine reading time is immeasurable. It is one of our favorite things to do.

IMG_16031-e1433810515223Reading to your Kids

Spend time not money-

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